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Steve Hay


Video Editor

Steve Hay

I've been editing broadcast TV for twenty years and have made shows with BBC, Betty, Blakeway, Daisybeck, Endemol, Friel Kean, IWC, ITV, Lion, Nine Lives, Shine, True North and many more.  I have a real passion for this collaborative and creative process and specialise in factual programming.  I have an Avid Edit suite at home and am mainly working remotely.


"Steve is a fantastic first-class editor whom I have worked with as my first choice editor for the past eight years. He is an excellent storyteller, a caring craftsperson and a fast cutter who always gets the best out of the material. He is known for unfailingly meeting deadlines with grace and good humour and is a delight to work with"     

Neil Smith, Betty & Boundless Productions

"Steve is a fast and calm editor who likes to crack on. Very good at forcing decisions from the precious or wavering director and getting the job done. With years of experience inside and outside of the edit suite he is to be trusted to work alone as his own edit producer.  Always look forward to working with Steve."     

James Harrison, Freelance Director/Producer

"I have worked with Steve Hay recently in Manchester, having also worked with his some years ago. He is a creative, organised editor willing to go the extra distance to make a project come together and shine. The fact that he also shoots well and has a great understanding of the production process is a bonus. He is also entertaining to work along side and happy to work solo or as part of a team"     

Virginia Hill, Freelance Series Producer


Editor: The Highland Vet - Daisybeck, Channel 5 --- SP: Sima Ray

Editor: Second Hand for 50 Grand (WT) - Wise Owl, Channel 4 --- Dir: Richard Macer

Editor:  Our Great Yorkshire Life - Daisybeck, Channel 5 --- SP: Sima Ray

Editor: Moment of Proof - Brown Bob, BBC 1 --- SP: Rob Kelly

Editor: Summer on the Farm - Daisybeck, Channel 5 --- EPs: Dean Jones

Editor: Made in Britain (Series 3) - Daisybeck, ITV 4 --- SP: Rob Kelly

Senior Editor: Inside Britain's Food Factories - Daisybeck, ITV 1 --- SP: Rob Kelly

Editor: Britain's Favourite Biscuits/Sweets/Desserts - Daisybeck, Channel 5 --- SP: Rob Kelly/EPs: Stephen Dryer/Nick Gamble

Editor: Britain's Secret Charity Cheats - Nine Lives, BBC1 --- SP: Colin Stone/EP: Luke Mendhorn/Exec: Mike Lewis

Editor: Holiday Love Rats Exposed - Nine Lives, Chennel 5 --- Execs: Mike Lewis/Cat Lewis

Editor: Songs of Praise - Nine Lives/Avanti Media, BBC1 --- SP: Matthew Napier

Editor: Food: Truth or Scare – BBC, BBC1 --- EP: Kirk Barber  SP: Neil Dimmock

Editor: Help the Animals at Christmas – Daisybeck, Channel 5 --- SP: Diane Myers

Editor: Made in Britain (2 Series) – Daisybeck, ITV 4 --- EPs: Helen Roberts/Lorna Hartnett

Editor: Tower Block Kids – Crackit Productions, Channel 5 --- SP: Joe Lister

Editor: Casualty 24/7 – Crackit Productions, Channel 5 --- SP: Ali McBride

Editor: Britain's Secret Charity Cheats – Nine Lives, BBC1 --- SP: Colin Stone/Exec: Mike Lewis

Editor: Dispatches: Britain's Benefits Crisis – Nine Lives, Channel 4 --- PD: Toby Dallmeyer/Exec: Mike Lewis

Editor: Rip-Off Britain: Holidays – BBC Topical, BBC1 --- EP: Alex Hill/SP: Sherry Knight

Editor: Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool – Blakeway North, Channel 5 --- EP: Mike Fox/SP: Andrew Nicholson

Edit Producer: Location, Location, Location (x2) – IWC, Channel 4 --- Editors: Jim Dunbar & Dan Simmonds/SP: Abi Judge

Editor: Secrets of Sleep – 7 Wonder, Channel 4 --- Exec: Jez Lee

Edit Producer: Restoration of the Year – Chocolate Media, Channel 4 --- Editor: Ben Burgess/SP: Emma Vulliamy

Editor: Country House Rescue (S 1, 2 & 3) – Betty, Channel 4 --- PDs/Execs: Neil Smith/James Harrison/Tom Sheahan/Sarah Freethy/Ian Carre

Editor: The Great British Pottery Throwdown – Love, BBC2 --- EPs: Paul Vanesis & Richard Holmes

Editor: 100k House, Tricks of the Trade – Endemol Shine, BBC2 --- SP: Harriet Scott

Editor: Rip-Off Britain: Food – BBC Topical, BBC1 --- SP: Ali McBride

Editor/PD: Sea Cities: Liverpool – BBC Nations & Regions, BBC2/BBC1 --- PD: Dominic Callaghan

PD: Close Calls on Camera – Topical Television, BBC1 --- SP: Virginia Hill

Editor/Edit Producer: Money for Nothing – Friel Kean Films, BBC1 --- Execs: Michelle Friel & Jules Kean

Editor: Military Wives – Twenty Twenty, BBC1

Editor/Edit Producer: Best Chef Worst Chef – Betty, Channel 4 --- Exec: Ian Carre

Editor: Location, Location, Location – IWC, Channel 4 --- SP: Emma Vulliamy

Editor: The One Show - BBC Topical, BBC1 ---- SP: Ali McBride/Exec: Caroline Short

Editor: Call the Council – BBC Topical, BBC1 --- EP: Ali McBride

Editor: Turbo Boost – CBBC --- Exec: Ninder Billing

Editor: Marrying Mum and Dad – CBBC --- EPs: Richard Makinson & Karen Selway

Editor: Compare Your Life – True North, Channel 4 ---- EP: Julie Beanland/ Exec: Fiona O'Sullivan

Editor/Edit Producer: The Valleys – True North, Channel 4 --- SP: Manus Wynne/Exec: Fiona O'Sullivan

Editor: Dragon’s Den – BBC North, BBC1 --- EP: Peter Jump/SP: Zoe Thorman

Editor: Geordie Shore (Series 1 & 2) – Lime Pictures, Channel 4 --- SP: Guy Templeton

Editor: Benidorm ER – Blakeway North, Channel 5 --- EP: Jane Drinkwater/SP: Blake McGrow

Editor: The Hottest Place on Earth – Lion for BBC1 --- PD: Justin Kelly/SP: Rupert Smith

Editor: Stardate 3 x 30" Screenhouse for BBC1 and BBC2 --- PD: Mark Bridge/Exec: Paul Bader/SP/Dir: Patrick Titley

Editor: Snapshots  4 x 15" Screenhouse for BBC2 --- PD: Jamie Wiggins/Exec: Paul Bader
Award Winning BBC science strand

A Fish Out of Water 1 x 30" BBC2
Dir: Dirk Campbell/Writer: Rebecca Waters
Nominee for ‘Educational TV Awards’

Hollyoaks (multiple episodes) Lime Pictures for Channel 4

Crossroads (hundreds of episodes) ITV for ITV1

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Tel: 07887990316

Region: Todmorden

Remote Working

  • Happy to work remotely
  • Has own edit equipment

Own Kit Specs

Avid Media Composer

Windows 10 PC

Intel i9 10 core

NVidia 3060 RTX 12GB



Cubase 11

Software Used

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Symphony
  • Final Cut Pro 7


  • Offline


  • Children's
  • Corporates
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Factuals
  • Multicam
  • Quiz
  • Reality
  • Religion
  • Sport
  • Variety
  • Wildlife


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Dispatches: Britain's Benefits Crisis


Britain's Secret Charity Cheats


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