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Mike Wood


Offline Editor

Mike Wood

I'm a creative and hardworking editor, comfortable using Avid, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Since going freelance in 2007 I have worked for a number of broadcast and corporate clients to create engaging and entertaining content, often to tight deadlines.

I have experience of editing sports, childrens tv, entertainment, factual entertainment, quiz shows, documentary and structured reality, and I am always looking for new projects to get involved in.


Beauty and the Geek

Discovery PlusEditor (offline) - AvidRealiuty TV / GameshowSeries 1Production Manager: Caroline Cook

Casualty 24/7 - Every Minute Counts

C5 / Crackit ProductionsEditor (offline) - AvidFactual - Blue LightSeries 6Series Producer: Fiona Keenaghan

We Are England

BBCEditor (offline) - AvidFactualSeries 1Exec Producer: Deborah Swindells

Fame in the Family

C4 / Salamanda MediaEditor (offline) - AvidFactual EntertainmentSeries 1Production exec: Alison Lewis

Million Pound Motor Homes

C5 / Definiterly ProductionsEditor (offline) - AvidFactual entertainmentSeries 2SP: Kerry Allison

The Circle
C4 Series 2 / Netflix Series 2/3/4&5Story editor (offline) - AvidReality60 MinsCreative Director: Tim Harcourt

The Voice

ITVEditor (offline) - AvidStudio / RealitySeries 9 Final 

Prod: Pete Cornes

Devon & Cornwall

C4 / True North
Editor (offline) - Avid
Series 2
Prod: Andrew Knight

Plastic Surgery Undressed

BBC3 / Gobstopper TV
Editor (offline) - Avid
Studio / Reality
Series 1 Episode 1 - Rhinoplasty
Prod: Mandy Thomson / Exec: Ross McCarthy

100k Drop

Channel 4 / Remarkable TV
Editor (offline) - Avid
Quiz Show
Series 2 Various Episodes
Prod: Stuart Brumpton / Exec: Julie Kelling

Gino's Win Your Wishlist

Channel 5 / Stellify Media
Editor (offline) - Avid
Entertainment/Quiz show
Series 1 6x45mins
Prod: Julie Bradshaw/James Baker / Exec: Julie Kelling/Ian Warren

Real Housewives of Cheshire

ITV / Monkey Kingdom
Editor (offline) - Avid
Entertainment/Structured Reality
Series 8 EP6 1x45mins
Prod: Debbie Hill / Peter Jump - Exec: Mike Swindells

Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera

ITV / Multistory Media
Editor (offline) - Avid
Clip show / Current Affairs
Episode 9
Prod: Steve McConville / SP: Kylie Raynor

Match of the Day

BBC/Dock 10
Editor - Avid & FCP7
Various shows 2014 to 2020
Highlights & opening/closing montages upto 12 minutes 

Question Jury

Channel 4 / Monkey Kingdom
Editor (offline) - Avid
Quiz Show / Entertainment
US Promo Episode Series 2 Episode 5
Producer: Julie Kelling

Football Focus
BBC/Dock 10
Editor - Avid & FCP7
Various shows 2014 to 2018
Features and VTs

The One Show

Editor (offline) - Avid
Various VTs upto 5 mins
Prod: Various

The Tez O'Clock Show

Channel 4 / Expectation
Editor (offline) - Avid
Panel Show
Series 1 Episode 3
Prod: Josh Cluderay / Exec: Dominic Wells-Martin

Winter Olympics

BBC/Dock 10
Editor - Premiere Pro CC
Highlights packages for iplayer

Saturday Mashup

BBC/Dock 10
Editor - Avid
Childrens / Entertainment
Features and VTs

CBBC Summer Social 2019

Editor (offline) - Avid
Childrens TV
Prod: Bec Greenwood

Make a



Tel: 07949 637403

Region: Greater Manchester

Remote Working

  • Happy to work remotely
  • Has own edit equipment

Own Kit Specs

Adobe CC Premier Pro CC

Avid Media Composer

Macbook Pro 15 inch 2018 / 2.9GHz Intel Core i9 / 32GB 2400MHzDDR4

Software Used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Photoshop


  • Graphics
  • Offline


  • Children's
  • Corporates
  • Documentaries
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Factuals
  • Multicam
  • News
  • Quiz
  • Reality
  • Sport
  • Variety


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