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Martin O’Byrne



Martin O’Byrne


I have the latest AVID set-up at home on an extremely fast PC, and am happy to remote in. 
I am a BAFTA-winning editor with 18 years experience at the highest level of TV production. 

I am particularly familiar with devising new programmes, establishing the visual style for shows such as Drawers Off and Snog Marry Avoid which I co-devised, directed and edited. 

I can write and edit scripts and have Directed multi-camera shows like Big Brother and Fame Academy. After 16 years working in London I am now based in Manchester.


RTS Scotland Awards 2015 Best Children's Programme Officially Amazing Won.B’cast Digital Awards 2014 Best Entertainment Programme Sexy Beasts Nominated. BAFTA Children’s Best Entertainment 2013 Officially Amazing Nominated.BAFTA for Features 2012 The Great British Bake-off Won.RTS Award Best 2007 Best Sport Programme Big Ron: Manager Won. 


Drawers Off!

Series Director and Lead editor of new Multistory series for Channel 4.

Five amateur artists take turns to model for each other Mondat thru Friday. On friday the winner is judged by their piers and they skip off with a grand. 

Lovely series, fun to make, fun to watch. Hopefully we get another series...

multi-camera shoot on location, 12 cameras.

The One Show

Editor of 2 films in 3 days for flagship BBC current affairs programme.

Hoarder Homes

Crackit ob-doc series for Channel 5.

Absolutely bloody disgusting houses! Series produced by Andrew Nicolson, Exec Kerry Brierley.

Lovely people, good show, disgusting cutaways.

Real Housewives of Jersey

Editor - Monkey Kingdom spin-off show for ITV.

You know what this is. Fancy people in Jersey. Pretty right-wing by the looks of it. 

Turns out not all of them are Housewives. Or married.

You Are What You Wear

Lead editor - Multistory for BBC

Fabulous fashion makeover show featuring the even more fabulous Rylan. 

Naked Attraction

Studio Lambert for Channel 4

Close ups of genitalia you thing? Then this is the show for you. Studio, multi-camera with VT backstories. 

Casualty 24/7

Editor - Crackit for 5

Lovely ob-doc based on the comings and goings of Barnsley A&E. 

Make a


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Tel: 07710 791682

Region: Manchester

Remote Working

  • Happy to work remotely
  • Has own edit equipment

Software Used

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Symphony


  • Audio Mixing
  • Finishing/Polishing
  • Offline


  • Children's
  • Corporates
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Factuals
  • Multicam
  • Music Videos
  • News
  • Quiz
  • Reality
  • Religion
  • Sport
  • Variety


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