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Helen Chew



Helen Chew

Emmy and RTS Award winning editor with over 25 years experience in Broadcast Network Television.

An editor who has worked on a wide genre of projects, delivering high quality programmes.


RTS Award Winner and EMMY Award nominated for Editing: Son Of God (series 3) 50 min BBC1

RTS Award Winner: The Real John Lennon 90 min Channel 4

RTS Award Winner: St Paul 60 min BBC1

EMMY Award Winner: Life's Little Luxuries Uncovered 60 min Discovery Channel

EMMY Award Winner: Moses 50 min BBC2 & Discovery Channel

RTS Award Winner: Britain’s Underworld 60 min National Geographic


Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun

Channel 5 TX Jan + Feb 2020 60 mins: Brits swapping the damp and grey of the UK for a new cheap-as-chips life in the sun. This new Benidorm based observational documentary series charts the lives of Brits who have done exactly that. Caravan parks across the sunny Spanish coastal town are bursting at the seams with British ex-pats blinging up their statics, tarting up their tourers and tucking into tapas on the cheap. Local business owners slog 24/7 to make a profit in a town where two pints of lager cost just one euro.

7Up & Me

To celebrate 63 UP, the latest instalment in TV’s longest running documentary series, this 60-minute special features a range of famous faces watching the Up series and revealing its impact on them and the uniquely personal engagement they have with it as they compare the lives they’ve seen on screen every seven years to their own at each key stage from childhood and adolescence to early adulthood and middle age

Benidorm ER. series 1,3 and 4
RTS Nominated 60 mins Channel 5: Fly-on-the-wall series following patients through A&E. These series of ob doc sees the cameras being given full access to the Clinica Benidorm, one of Spain’s top hospitals. The stories follow different holiday makers who have found themselves sick, injured or needing emergeny operations (lots of blood and guts filmed!!) forced to swap the sun-bed for a hospital bed.

Million Dollar American Princesses

60 min Smithsonian Channel: Through vivid re-enactments, dramatic on-location filming, historical documents, interviews with notable family members, contributors and experts, Million Dollar American Princesses brings to life the stories of these extraordinary women, including the romance, the heartbreak, the secrets, the scandals, and their enduring legacy. “I wanted you to know that “Million Dollar American Princesses Season 2” almost doubled it’s numbers over last year’s premiere when it went out on Sunday. It also more than doubled our prime time average. All in all, a great launch for a terrific show. Please share our congratulations and thanks with all your team. We really appreciate their enormous creativity and hard work.” (Email from Charles Poe Exec Producer Smithsonian Channel).

Britain's Underworld
RTS Winner 60 mins Nat Geo Crime Channel: Manchester has seen a deadly battle played out on its streets, earning it the nickname 'Gunchester' in the eighties. This show features members of the mysterious Quality Street Gang who, for the first time, talk about how they once ruled the city's underworld and we reveal through drama reconstruction that one of the most lethal wars in gang history started with a row over a girl! Also find how the police fought a desperate battle to keep lawful control on Manchester's streets.

Top Class CBBC

BBC1 60 min: Susan Calman quizzes kids to find out which school will be crowned the smartest in the UK. All primary schools across the UK were invited to enter Top Class, with a team of 4 pupils. All competitors are in year 6 (primary 7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland). The subjects includes Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and News. There is also Test the Teacher where the class' teacher answers pop-culture questions and Pet Subjects, where the class chooses a subject to be questioned on. Pet Subjects chosen include The Dumping Ground and Capital Cities.

Saving the Forgotten Jews
Nominated Sandford St Martin Award 30 mins BBC1: A revealing BBC documentary shows how an elaborate Mossad hoax, a British businessman and a seasoned diplomat came together to rescue 20,000 Ethiopian Jews in what has been described as “one of the greatest humanitarian acts of the 20th century.

The Roy Files CBBC

CBBC: The Roy Files, a live action and animated series where actors converse and interact with a cartoon character giving fans an exclusive insight into the life of Roy O'Brien - Ireland's only cartoon boy living in the real world. The pace, humour and heart will mirror that of Roy and each episode feature core themes that are relatable to the audience like teachers, bullies, and being yourself. At the end of every chapter in the scrapbook, Roy will offer his conclusions to the events he's just relived; though being an 11 year old cartoon boy, he is prone to slightly getting the wrong end of the stick!

My Baggy Body
RTS Nominated 60 mins Channel 4: Ob Doc following the lives of three people, left with 'baggy bodies' after massive weight loss, they reveal how they have lived with humongous amounts of excess skin and how they plan to say goodbye to their baggy skin and life after the op.

Car Crash TV

Channel 5 60min: Brand new fast paced, high energy documentary series featuring footage of amusing mishaps and dangerous driving. Clip show featuring bad driving and road mishaps captured by dashboard cameras around the world. Careering through a bumper crop of foolhardy speeders, a crash scene investigation, 4x4 fails, the blame game, plucky pedestrians, 2 wheels or 4 wheels?, hit or miss?, out in the sticks, car pinball, and stay in your lane!

Never Again, Fear and Faith in Paris

BBC 1 30min: This powerful documentary explores the decision of 8,000 Jews to leave France in 2014/2015, concerned about terror attacks and rising anti-Semitism in the country. We hear from the families most affected and explore the reasons behind the rise in anti-Semitism. With insight from those who live in the notorious Paris suburbs, often accused of being a breeding ground for anti-Semitism, and from Lassana Bathily, a Muslim from the suburbs who saved Jewish lives during the kosher supermarket attack in 2015.

Yes Chef

BBC 1 60min: We’ve seen professional chefs go head-to-head, now it’s time to see if they can cook up a storm... together! In this brand new multi camera series hosted by Sheree Murphy, 16 chefs - all with Michelin stars to their name - mentor amateur home cooks to do battle in the kitchen. For the amateurs, it’s a chance to work alongside the best in the business. For the professionals, it’s an opportunity to train their partner and lead them to victory in an industry where ego is king.

Dispatches How Safe Is Your Car?

Ch 4: With new evidence indicating that some cars might not perform as well in crashes as their safety rating suggests, Dispatches investigates whether we can trust manufacturers and testers with car safety. Following the car emissions scandal last year when some manufacturers admitted they manipulated the results of exhaust tests, reporter Morland Sanders investigates if we can trust manufacturers and testers with car safety. With new evidence that some cars might not perform as well in real world crashes as their safety rating suggests, Dispatches asks: could more be done to protect drivers and passengers?

Fern Britton meets Rev Richard Coles

BBC 1 60 min: Former Communards band member Richard Coles explores his extraordinary journey from 80s pop star to Church of England vicar, from his chart successes and days of drug taking excess to his role as parish priest of Finedon. Friends and colleagues including Ian Hislop, Chris Evans and Gogglebox's Reverend Kate Bottley all share their anecdotes.

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Remote Working

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  • Has own edit equipment

Own Kit Specs

iMac 27″ i9 – 3.6GHz & 2TB Fusion CPU

3.6GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9


32GB RAM 2666MHz DDR4 memory


2TB Fusion Drive


Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory


1Gb Ethernet, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, Four USB 3.0 & SDXC Slot

 Avid Media Composer

Software Used

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Symphony
  • Final Cut Pro 7


  • Offline


  • Children's
  • Corporates
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Factuals
  • Multicam
  • Music Videos
  • News
  • Quiz
  • Reality
  • Religion
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  • Variety
  • Wildlife


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