Paul Watson

Video Editor

Manchester, United Kingdom

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About the Editor

My career started in 1998 at Editz. I've edited many diffferent genres for a wide variety of channels and production companies all demanding creativity, drive and the ability to get the job done.



Highlights: China's Startup Revolution (Discovery Asia, 3 x 60’’, PD Sam Goss, 2017)
As China looks to new technologies to cement it's future as a world leader the entrpeneurs at the cutting edge of this revolution reveal how their inventions will change our world.

Rip Off Britain Food: (BBC1, 3 x 45’’, PD Sam Davis, 2017)
The team look at the food industry and how it can rip off consumers.

Climbing The Property Ladder (Channel 5, 1 x 60’’, PD Andrew Nicholson, 2016)
Climbing the property ladder can be tough but just one sale can change a developer's life forever.

Countrywise Guide to Great Britain (ITV1, 15 x 30’’, PD Ali Mcbride/SP Ruth Binsley, 2016)
Join Ben Fogle and Liz Bonnin as they celebrate the Great British countryside and all it has to offer.

Dragons Den: Series 15 (BBC2, 1 x 60’’, PD Sue Brody, 2016)
Hopeful entrepreneurs seek investment for their businesses but will they be toasted or roasted?.

Marrying Mum and Dad: Series 5 (CBBC, 5 x 30’’, PD Rich Makinson, 2016)
The kids take control of Mum and Dad's wedding and get up to mischief as they do things the untraditional way.

Children's Hospital: Your Child in Their Hands (Channel 5, 4 x 60’’, SP Maggie Sutcliffe, 2016)
It's tough for any child to be admitted to hospital but it's just as tough for the parents. How do they cope as their children are treated at Manchester Children's Hospital.
WINNER RTSNW Best Factual Series 2016.

Onstage At The Everyman (BBC1, 1 x 30’’, PD Ged Clarke, 2015)
A look behind the scenes of Liverpool's famous theatre with stars past and present.
RTS Awards Shortlist.

Amazing Animal Births (ITV1, 2 x 30’’, PD Simon Paintin, 2015)
Lucy Cooke travels around the UK witnessing the everyday drama of animals giving birth.

Dragons Den: Series 14 (BBC2, 3 x 60’’, PD Rich Makinson, 2015)
Entrepreneurs pitch for an investment from some of the UK's most successful businessmen and women.

Marrying Mum and Dad: Series 4 (CBBC, 6 x 30’’, PD Rich Makinson, 2015)
The kids are put in charge of Mum and Dad's wedding. They need to choose outfits, a venue, entertainment, transport and of course a cake. But will Mum and Dad be happy?

Call The Council: Series 2 & 3 (BBC1, 6 x 45’’, PD Alex Hounslow, 2014)
The officers of Tameside and Wigan councils work hard on a tight budget to serve and protect their residents.

American Million Dollar Princesses (Smithsonian Channel, 1 x 60’’, PD Craig Collinson, 2014)
The real story of the American heiresses who inspired Downton Abbey, trading class for cash they married in to the British aristocracy. Some found love but for Consuelo Vanderbilt her marriage was hell on earth.

Wilderness Walks With Ray Mears (ITV1, 2 x 30’’, PD Catherine Morgan, 2014)
Ray Mears shares his love of the wildlife found in Britain.

Perspectives: Magritte The Man in the Hat (ITV1, 1 x 60’’, PD Michael Burke, 2014)
Will Young steps into the surreal world of Rene Magritte to look at his life, his work and his legacy.
RTS Award Shortlist.

Call The Council: Series 1 (BBC1, 5 x 45’’, PD Ali Mcbride, 2014)
The officers of Tameside Council work hard on a tight budget to protect and serve their residents.

Benidorm ER: Series 3 (Channel 5, 4 x 60’’, PD Gareth Williams, 2013)
Staff at Clinica Benidorm try to get Brits abroad back to their holidays in the sun.

Alesha's Street Dance Stars: Series 3 (CBBC, 9 x 30’’, PD Helen Ledgard, 2013)
Alesha's back and searching for the best street dance crew busting their moves in dance offs as they battle to win this years trophy.

The Briefs: Series 2 (ITV1, 2 x 60’’, PD Janice Finch, 201)
Tuckers criminal defence lawyers once again introduce us to their client list. This time around they defend a Salford lad accused of armed robbery and a conman who allegedly posed as a doctor.

Perspectives: The Brilliant Bronte Sisters (ITV1, 1 x 60’’, PD Gareth Williams, 2012)
Sheila Hancock tries to unlock how three sisters from a remote part of Yorkshire came to produce so many classic novels.
RTS Awards Shortlist.

Junior Doctors Series 3 (BBC3, 1 x 60’’, PD Annaliese Edwards, 2012)
Newly qualified doctors begin work on the wards at Liverpool Royal hospital for the first time.

Panorama Disabled or Faking It? (BBC1, 1 x 30’, PD Julia Berg/Kate Ansell, 2012)
Is the Work Capability Assessment taking benefits away from those that need them the most?

VIP People (CBBC, 1 x 30’, PD John Deol, 2012)
The English National Ballet and street dance crew Flawless collaborate on a project but will they be able to pull it off?

THE BRIEFS (ITV1/Chameleon, 2 x 60’, PD Janice Finch, 2012)
Criminal defence lawyers working in Manchester’s courts try to defend their colourful clients within the British legal system.

AFTER THE FINAL WHISTLE (BBC1/Northstar Productions, 1 x 50’, Dir: Ged Clarke, 2012)
Michael Vaughan looks at stories of retirement and sport.  How do top class athletes cope when the buzz of competition leaves their lives?

GEORDIE SHORE Series 2 (MTV/Lime Pictures, 1 x 60’, PD Manus Wynne, 2012)
The gang are back in The Toon for yet more booze and bangs as the reality show continues.

THE PLANET DINOSAUR FILES (CBBC, 6 x 30’, PD James Millar, 2011)
Jem Stansfield looks at some of the new dinosaur discoveries of the last 20 years - a jaw dropping cast of creatures, bigger, weirder and deadlier than we’d ever imagined.

EMBARRASSING BODIES Series 4 (Channel 4/Maverick, 2 x 60’, Edit Prod. Sarah Trigg, 2011)
The nation’s favourite doctors hand out advice and uncover the body parts most of us would be too embarrassed to show.

MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE 2011 (BBC3/Shine North, 1 x 180’, PD Rich Makinson, 2011)
The list show that takes a look at the people and stories that have annoyed us over the past year.

NO TASTE LIKE HOME (ITV1, 8 x 60’, SP Helen Cooke/Edit Prod Sian Grundy, 2011)
Gino D'Acampo helps three home cooks re-create a fantastic family recipe in a professional kitchen for paying diners.

MAKE IT HAPPEN (ITV 4, 1 x 60’, PD Helen Cooke, 2011)
Comedian Christian O’Connell  attempts to make the stranger dreams of the British public come true.

YOUNG TALENT Series 2 (BBC 3, 1 x 60’, Edit Prod. Marina Wasarma, 2010)
Britain’s best young plumbers compete over four challenges to be crowned Young Plumber of The Year.

EMBARRASSING FAT BODIES (Channel 4/Maverick, 1 x 60’, PD Paul Kittel, 2010)
The doctors return for 4 specials looking at the embarrassing medical problems that are caused by being overweight.

A BAND FOR BRITAIN (BBC 2/Shine North, 1 x 60’, PD Jamie Matson, 2010)
Sue Perkins attempts to revive the fortunes of Dinnington Colliery Brass Band.

TEACHER IN THE HOUSE (BBC 3/ Lime, 1 x 60’, Edit Prod. Marina Wasarma, 2010)
A wayward teenager gets the shock of her life when her mother hands over control of the family home to her teacher in a bid to improve her behaviour.

WORLD CUP ROCK N’ GOAL YEARS (ITV1/Shiver, 2 x 30’, PD Rich Makinson, 2010)
The stories of the World Cups of 1986 and 2006 as told by the players and managers who were there.

WORLDS TOUGHEST DRIVES (BBC 3, 5 x 60’, SP Cy Chadwick, 2010)
Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien travel the globe learning to drive and race the world’s biggest, most expensive and difficult to drive vehicles.

ANTIQUES MASTER Series 1 (BBC2, 4 x 30’, SP Darrell Olson, 2010)
The country's leading amateur antiques enthusiasts test their knowledge to become Antiques Master.

PANORAMA: SPOILT ROTTEN (BBC 1/Chameleon, 1 x 60’, PD Janice Finch, 2009)
A look at the preventable health problems facing children who attend Alder Hey hospital.

THE LAKES Series 1 (ITV1/Shiver, 2 x 30’, PD Sally Evans/Louise Ireland, 2009)
Popular show that follows the characters who live and work in the Lake District.

WAYNE ROONEY’S STREET STRIKER (Sky 1/Plum Pictures, 1 x 60’, PD Rich Makinson, 2009)
Britain's best footballer takes to the nation's streets to find this year’s gifted football star of the future.

GROUND WAR (PBS/Discovery, 2 x 60’, PD James Millar, 2009)
A series examining  the evolution of the battlefield.
Firepower: tracks the development of artillery through the ages.
Command and Control:  examines how armies have used the terrain of the battlefield to their advantage.

DISPATCHES: THE HIDDEN WORLD (Channel Four/Steve Boulton Prods, 1 x 60’, PD Janice Finch, 2008)
Do lap dancing clubs play by the rules stated on their entertainment license?

SECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE (History Channel/ITV, 1 x 90’, PD James Millar, 2008)
Body language communicates everything we need to know about the rich, the powerful and the famous. History shows you how.

LES’S LIVERPOOL (Granada, 4 x 30’, SP Ged Clarke, 2008)
Comedian Les Dennis looks at what makes his hometown great during the year of Capital of Culture: football, music, theatre and comedy.

CREDIT CRASH BRITAIN (BBC2/ Quicksilver Media, 1 x 30’, PD Julia Berg, 2008)
The Money Programme looks out how our bank balances will be affected by the credit crunch.

REAL CRIME : MURDER AT HARVEY NICKS (ITV 1, 1 x 60’, PD Liz Cassidy, 2008)
The story of how Clare Bernal was shot dead by her stalker turned killer Michael Pech.

CHINA BOUND (Discovery Asia/ITV, 2 x 60’, PD Ruth Swarbrick, 2007)
As China gears up to host its first Olympic Games cameras go behind the scenes to find out how the athletes, designers and scientists use technology in the pursuit of excellence in 2008.

SEX WITH MUM AND DAD (BBC 3/Shine North, 1 x 60’, PD Debbie Dunnett, 2007)
British families use the techniques of an upfront Dutch sexologist.

THOROUGHLY MODERN MUSLIM (BBC 1, 1 x 30’, PD Mark Warburton, 2007)
Four Muslim women meet the challenges of their faith in modern British society.

THE MAKING OF LEWIS (ITV 2, 1 x 60’, PD Chris Malone, 2007)
A look behind the scenes of the ever popular detective series.

INSIDE KILLER SHARKS (Sky 1, 1 x 60’, PD James Millar, 2006)
Presenter James May faces his fears as he enters the territory of nature’s ‘perfect predator’ to find out what makes them tick.

INSIDE WAYNE ROONEY (Sky 1, 1 x 60’, PD Roger Finnegan, 2006)
Paddy McGuinness looks at just what makes Wayne Rooney a great of the beautiful game.

NAKED SCIENCE: ICE AGE MELTDOWN (National Geographic/ITV, 1 x 60’, PD Emma Hawley, 2006)
As our planet heats up scientists learn about the past to help us cope with the future.

WORKING THE SEA (BBC 2, 1 x 30’, PD Ged Clarke, 2006)
The programme follows the officers and cabin crew of the Isle of Man Steam Packet - the oldest passenger shipping line in the world.

CRASH TEST DUMMIES (Sky 1, 12 x 30’, PD Various, 2006)
Life as a crash test dummy in this over-the-top comedy series.

BATTLEFIELD DETECTIVES Series 3 (The History Channel, 3 x 60’, PD James Millar, 2005)
Famous battles are analysed using modern day science to uncover how they were won or lost.
The Siege of Masada: How the Roman Empire crushed the Jewish revolt in the first century AD and how in the end the rebels chose death over slavery.
The 6 Day War: Eyewitness testimony, unique access to secret military plans and weapons testing reveal the story of how Israel won The 6 Day War.
The Siege of Alesia: Archaeological discoveries, analysis of Roman warfare and extraordinary photographic evidence reveal how Julius Caesar’s army of 50,000 Romans defeated 250,000 Gallic warriors.

IS THIS THE WORST WEATHER EVER (ITV 1, 1 x 60’, SP Mark Jones, 2005)
As our weather becomes more and more unpredictable the stories of those who have survived the worst the weather has to offer.

WHEN KEN MET DEIRDRE (ITV 1, 1 x 60’, PD Kim Hughes, 2005)
With a romance that has spanned decades actors Anne Kirkbride and Bill Roache prepare to take their characters down the aisle again.

FAREWELL CHARITY (ITV 2, 1 x 60’, PD Vernon Antcliffe, 2005)
This special documents the highs and lows of one of Emmerdale’s greats.

BEHIND THE SCENES: POIROT (ITV 2, 1 x 60’, PD Ged Clarke, 2005)
A look at the making of the new series of the famous detective.

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY REVIEW (BBC2/Granada, 2 x 60’, SP Ged Clarke, 2005 & 2006)
The television institution reviews the year in the news.

HARRY GOODWIN SHOOTING STARS (BBC North West/Northstar Prods, 1 x 30’, PD Ged Clarke, 2004)
Celebrated photographer who snapped the most influential people in the worlds of music, showbiz and sport.

SOCCER STORIES (Granada/PDI, 4 x 30’, PD Various, 2004)
A series that looks at the football teams of the North West.

The current affairs programme that tackles a wide range of news stories.

2004 (Granada, 1 x 30’, PD David Nolan, 2004)
Regional current affairs show that won the 2004 RTS Current Affairs Programme of the Year.

FAITH IN MUSIC (ITV1/Chameleon Prods, 3 x 30’, PD Various, 2004)
Musical legends talk about their faith and their music.

ASCENT OF MARS MOUNTAIN (Channel Four/Moonbeam Films, 1 x 60’, PD Greg Lanning, 2003)
Brian Blessed leads a team of climbers as they simulate what it would be like to climb the highest known mountain in the universe – Olympic Mons on Mars.

THE WORKS (Granada/Northstar Prods, 8 x 30’, PD Ged Clarke, 2002 - 03)
Regional arts show presented by Tony Wilson looking at music, film, art, literature and photography. Winner of the 2002 RTS Regional Programme of the Year.

NATION ON FILM ‘KING COTTON’ (BBC 2/Northstar Prods, 1 x 30’, PD Ged Clarke, 2003)
A trip back to the time when cotton was king and the industrial revolution was taking place in Manchester.

WOR JACKIE (BBC North East/Northstar Prods, 1 x 30’, PD Ged Clarke, 2003)
A portrait of the legend that wore the famous number 9 of The Toon Army.

Short Film
GARDENS WITH RED ROSES (Silver Films, 1 x 15’, Dir: Richard Oliver, 2008)
A young couple live with Grandad -  but something’s going on behind closed doors in 1997 on the day Tony Blair claims a famous victory.



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