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Kim Horton



Kim Horton

Kim has been an editor for many years and has worked with numerous filmmakers including Michael Apted, Paul Watson and Leslie Woodhead. He has been nominated for six Bafta Awards and two RTS Awards and won an RTS for Malcolm and Barbara- a love story in 1999. He has been invited to judge BAFTA, EMMY and RTS awards. He has worked in the USA and has an I Visa.h


Flying for Britain with David Jason ITV Chris Malone

63 UP 3 x 1 Hr Dir. Michael Apted

Trevor McDonald-Return To The Rainbow Nation ITV Chris Malone

Hunting the KGB Killers CH4 Dir Chris Malone Prod Richard Kerbaj Exec Prod Brian Woods

Lady C and the Castle ITV Norman Hull

Cameraman to the Queen ITV Chris Malone

1966 The World Cup Remembered ITV Dir Gareth Williams

My Big Fat Asian Wedding CH4 Dir Kerry Brierley

I Married the Waiter: Love in the Sun  ITV1 Dir Norman Hull

Executed ITV1 Dir Chris Malone

21 Up BBC Dir Julian Farino, Producer Melanie Archer

Being Poirot  ITV Dir Chris Malone

Army Vets. ITV Dir Chris Malone

The Monkees ITV Dir Gareth Williams

Strictly Kosher 2 ITV Dir Chris Malone/Sarah Cain

56 UP ITV    Dir Michael Apted

The Butin's Story ITV Dir Gareth Williams

Strictly Kosher ITV Dir Chris Malone

The Betty Driver Story ITV Dir Sarah Cain

Leah's Dream ITV Dir Chris Malone

David Jason; Battle Of Britain ITV Dir Chris Malone

Goodbye Blanche ITV Dir Sarah Cain

Food For Life Qatar Government Dir Gareth Williams

David Suchet On The Orient Express ITV Dir Chris Malone

Exodus Earth 2 Eps Exoplanets and Venus Science Channel Dir Sarah Cain

Billy Connolly Journey to the Edge of the World EP3 ITV Dir Chris Malone

Real Crime- Cat and Mouse Killer ITV Dir Chris Malone

Naked Science The First to Cross the Ocean Nat Geo Dir Scott Martin

Malcolm and Barbara -Loves Farewell ( also Malcolm and Barbara - a love story 1999) ITV Dir Paul Watson

14 UP 2000 (also 7 UP 2000) BBC Dir Julian Farino

49 Up (also 28Up, 35Up, 42UP) ITV Dir Michael Apted 

Born in the USSR 21 UP ( also Age 7 in the USSR 1991, Born in the USSR 14up 1998) ITV Dir Sergei Miroshnichenko

Pagans, 2 x Eps Magic and Warriors CH4 Dirs Chris Malone and Gareth Williams

Lose 30 Stone Or Die ITV Dir Chris Malone

Battlefield Detectives 4 x Eps Little Big Horn, Gallipoli, Cowpens and Monmouth CH4 Dirs Chris Malone and David Wright

Harold- The Wilson Years ITV Dir Gareth Wilson

Who got Marc Bolan's Missing Millions? CH4 Dir Chris Malone

Panorama- A Carer's Story BBC Dir Liz Blur

Secrets of the Dark Ages- Barbarians Ch4 Dir Chris Malone

The Home CH4  Dir Paul Watson

The Factory CH4  Paul Watson

Missing Lynsey (aka Prime Suspect) ITV DIr Chris Malone

True Stories Fire Will Eat Us CH4 Leslie Woodhead

Savage Earth, Savage Skies ITV Dir Bill Lyons

God Bless America - Gore Vidal, Marsha Hunt ITV Dir Alan Gillsenan
World In Action x 50 Eps with various Prods. David Darlow/John Smithson, Simon Berthon, David Hart, Vyv Simson, Stephan Clarke, John Blake, Steve Boulton, Ian Mcbride, Brian Blake etc.


Sherlock Holmes The Last Vampyre (feature length) ITV Dir Tim Sullivan
Thatcher- The Last Days ITV Dir Tim Sullivan
El Cid ITV Richard Spence
Medics ITV Dir Collum Villa
Bulman ITV Dir David Carson
In Suspicious Circumstances ITV Dir Simon Massey


Britains Favourite View ITV DIrs Scott Martin, Gareth Williams , Chris Malone
Coronation Street Family Album ITV Dir Chris Malone
Jack and Bill ITV Dir Gareth Williams
I Love The 70's (1979) BBC Prod Alan Brown
Shampoo ITV Dir Jane Briele

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