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I am an experienced editor of Drama and Factual productions for TV and Cinema. I have worked on productions for all five UK terrestrial channels and have recently completed my third feature film. I can work on Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere editing systems, not forgetting Lightworks and even film - both 16mm and 35mm! 

I am passionate at what I do and am proud of the standard of work I produce. I work readily under pressure and will commit all to the achievement of the best possible result.


Drama: "The Four Warriors" - cinema feature, starring Christopher Dane, for Philm Company
"The Last Showing" - cinema feature, starring Robert Englund, for Philm Company
"Casualty" - hospital drama for BBC
"Hollyoaks" - family drama for Channel 4
"Holby City" - hospital drama for BBC
"Being Sold" - cinema feature, see
"Living It" - Children's drama for BBC
"Night and Day" - for ITV
"River City" - for BBC Scotland
"A & E" - for ITV
"Holby City" - for BBC
"The Queen's Nose" - Children's drama for BBC
"Children's Ward" - for ITV
"Knight School" - for ITV
"My Wonderful Life" - comedy drama for ITV
"The Grand" - for ITV
"My Dad's A Boring Nerd" - for ITV 
(best childrens comedy, Comedy Awards)
"Medics" - for ITV
"The Trial Of Lord Lucan" - for ITV
"Sherlock Holmes" - for ITV


"Corfu Cookery School" - teaching a group of celebrities how to cook the Greek way, TwoFour for Channel Five

"A Place In The Sun" - Freeform for BBC1

"Named And Shamed" - Curve for BBC1
"The Art Show" - Greystone for Sky Arts
"Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages" - travelogue around the UK, Reef TV for More4
"Love Your Garden" - garden makeovers with Alan Titchmarsh, Spun Gold for ITV1
"On The Road With Richard Wilson" - travelogue around the UK, Cineflix for ITV1
"Phil Spencer Secret Agent" - Raise The Roof for Channel 4
"Face The Clock" - quiz show with Rory Bremner, Objective for Channel 4
"Ireland with James Nesbitt" - travelogue about Ireland, TwoFour Television for Channel 4
"What You Didn't Know About The West" - explaining western culture, Brook Lapping for China TV
"Secret World" - for CBBC
"Weird and Wonderful Hotels" - for National Geographic

"Ghosthunting With ...." - celebrity ghosthunters McFly & Corrie
"3 Minute Wonder" - experimental films with new directors for Channel 4.
"Eye Of The Storm" - severe-weather stories from around the world, for ITV 
"Live Challenge" - concert of classical music, including accompanying charity campaign, for ITV 
"The Shea Neary Story"  - 1 hr documentary about a Liverpool-Irish boxer, for ITV
"Motorway" - fly-on-the-wall about motorway life, for ITV
"Housestyle"  - interior decorating magazine, for ITV north-west 
"BAFTA Masterclass"  - a series about film directors and actors explaining secrets of their craft, for ITV
"Being There" - story of an amateur ornithologist, for ITV north-west
"NWA"  - arts programme for ITV north-west
"Disguises - Run With The Fox, Ride With The Hounds" - an undercover investigation of hunt saboteurs and followers, for ITV

"World In Action" - various hot-news investigations, for ITV 
"The Fifth Man, The Secrets Of The Ring Of Five" - a soviet defector reveals the identity of the fifth traitor, for ITV
"The Shape Of The World"  - a series about the history and development of map-making, for ITV
"DISAPPEARING WORLD" - anthropological series about primitive tribes around the world, for ITV
"What Will Survive Of Us Is Love" - Lord Laurence Olivier reading favourite poems, for ITV
"The History Of Apartheid" - a series about the development of apartheid in South Africa, for ITV
"This England" - studies of contemporary English life, for ITV 
"A Painful Reminder"  - explaining the discovery of WWII Concentration camps and Alfred Hitchcock's attempt to make a documentary record of them, for ITV
"Poppie And Black Dog" - the making of a stage play about apartheid by black South African actors, for ITV
"End Of Empire" - a series about the winding up of the British Empire, for ITV


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Tel: 07931 564 321

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  • Avid Symphony


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